How long will your balloons float for?

 How long will your balloons float for?   There are many different factors that affect the float time of a helium-filled balloon. Foil balloons and bubble balloons have a longer float time than latex balloons. The size of the balloon is also a factor (generally, the bigger the balloon, the longer the float time). In[…]

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Balloons for event at the International Centre in Telford - Shropshire

Winter Wonderland at Telford International Centre

Winter Wonderland at The International Centre – Telford What a great experience it was working alongside StagecraftUK and the team at Telford International Centre decorating this huge venue for our client’s Christmas party. The big empty halls were first of all sectioned off and made into nine identical rooms. Each room decorated with LED starlight[…]

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Balloon decoration for car show room in Derby

Car Showroom Balloons

Car Showroom Balloons Car showrooms offer great opportunities for balloon decoration! They are often white and bright and lend themselves to splashes of colour from balloons.  Which balloons work well in showrooms? The options are endless! Balloon arches are always popular, as well as bouquets of balloons personalised with details of the event. We love[…]

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