Balloon arch for garden party in Stafford
Organic multi coloured balloon arch

Product code: BAC01

The organic style arches are made using air-filled balloons, in a mix of different sizes, built around a frame. They make great, eye catching decoration and would be suitable for any occasion.

How big are the designs? Our balloon arches come in the following sizes:

  • Small – 2m(W) x 2m(H)
  • Medium – 3m(W) x 2.5m(H)
  • Large – 5m(W) x 2.5m(H)
  • Giant – 7m(W) x 5m(H)

The sizes are approximate and can be adjusted slightly (for example, the arches can be made a bit thinner and taller or vice versa).

Indoors or outdoors? Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If used outdoors, the small and medium size arches will need to be secured to something stable to prevent them from being blown over by the wind. They work well at entrances, for example, or positioned next to a building, where there is something to secure them to. The large and giant arches, which use a different type of frame (purpose built for outdoors) can be positioned anywhere, freestanding, without the need to secure them.

The price for the arches are as follows:

Small – £120
Medium – £150
Large – £175
Giant – £240

We can also include accessories with your arch – for example adding foil balloons or foliage, or personalising some of the balloons with your message or company logo. Please contact us if you would like to customise your arch and we can provide a quote and more information.

The arch frames are treated as a hire item. We ask for a security deposit at the time of booking, which is fully refundable on safe collection of the frame. The security deposits are £40 for the small or medium arch and £100 for the large or giant arch. Please refer to our terms & conditions of hire.

Delivery & collection
We will come to your venue or premises on the day of your event to set up the arch and will return at a pre-arranged time & date to take everything down and retrieve the frame. The tool below provides more information on delivery/collection prices as well as minimum orders.


Full availability
No availability
Some availability

What to expect

The balloons in this design are made up of air-filled latex balloons. In the right (indoor) conditions, the balloons should stay inflated for at least a week, probably more. However, over time the balloons will start to develop a cloudy appearance and begin to look tired, particularly in the summer months, if exposed to sunlight. The balloons will look their best on the day of your event. After that, we can’t offer any guarantee of their longevity if installed for any length of time.

The balloons will not last as long if used outdoors. We would only expect outdoor balloons to last for the day of the event. In the right weather conditions, they may last longer, but this can’t be guaranteed. Exposing your balloons to too much heat will cause them to pop. In the summer months, exposure to sunlight outdoors will soon give your latex balloons a cloudy appearance – the clear latex/confetti balloons and darker coloured latex balloons are most affected by the sun. Light and pastel solid colour balloons are a good choice for summer events.

Caring for your balloons

Your balloon’s favourite environment is:

  • to be indoors, at normal room temperature
  • away from intense heat, such as radiators
  • away from direct sunlight

Please have a look at the availability calendar, which will give you an indication of our availability on the day of your event. We would then be grateful if you would complete an order form.

On receipt of your order, we will check availability and will be in touch to confirm. At that time, we will send over an invoice for payment. If your booking is more than 2 months away, we ask for a 50% deposit to confirm the booking, or full payment if less than 2 months away. Please see our payment terms & conditions for more information.

If you need any more information at all before placing your order, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!