Safety Warnings


Safety Warnings

Latex balloons

  • WARNING! Children can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required at all times. Always keep uninflated balloons away from children and discard broken balloons at once.
  • Made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergies, ranging from minor skin irritation to anaphylaxis. Look out for symptoms and, if any allergic reactions are suspected, seek medical help immediately. The foil and bubble balloons offer a non-latex alternative when choosing your balloons.
  • Always use a pump to blow up the balloon(s).

Microfoil and Bubble balloons

  • WARNING! Not suitable for young children due to potential small parts which may pose a choking hazard. Adult supervision required.
  • All helium filled foil balloons must be attached individually to a suitable weight to ensure that they are not released into the environment.

All balloons

  • WARNING! NEVER under any circumstances inhale, or allow anyone else to inhale, helium balloon gas. This can cause asphyxiation, leading to unconsciousness and DEATH due to lack of oxygen.
  • First Aid measures in the event of inhalation; symptoms include loss of mobility or consciousness. Victim may not be aware of asphyxiation. Keep patient warm and rested. Call for professional help immediately. Apply artificial respiration if breathing has stopped.
  • Many balloon sticks come in two pieces; a cup, which attaches to the balloon, and a stick. The cup is fairly small and may present a choking hazard should it become loose.
  • Balloon valves are inserted into the neck of some balloons to create a seal. Because they are small and made of plastic, they also present a choking hazard. Make sure any old or burst balloons are disposed of immediately and always keep uninflated balloons away from children.
  • Balloons are for decorative purposes only - they are not a toy. Go2Balloons cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury following the misuse of balloons.