Latex Balloon Bouquets

Product code: BB01

Balloon bouquets continue to be a popular choice, making great table centre pieces, as well as floor standing arrangements.

The balloons are available in a wide range of colours – please let us know what colours you would like and we’ll find you the best match.


Each bouquet starts at a base price of £2 – then just add £2.50 for each solid colour balloon or £4.50 for each confetti balloon.


We will come to your venue on the day of your event and set the balloons up. Installation at the venue is included in the price of your balloons – just add delivery. The delivery checker below provides more information on delivery prices as well as the minimum order for delivery to your venue or area.

How to order

Please check the calendar below, which will give you an indication of our availability, and then complete an order form.

On receipt of your order, we will check availability and will be in touch to confirm. At that time, we will send over an invoice for payment. If your booking is more than 2 months away, we ask for a 50% deposit to confirm the booking, or full payment if less than 2 months away. Please see our payment terms & conditions for more information.

If you need any more information before placing your order, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!



What to expect

The average float time for a standard size (solid colour) latex balloon is around three days. The confetti balloons of this size have shorter longevity, with a float time of around 24 hours. Please be aware that your latex balloons will get smaller with each passing day as they gradually lose helium. When ordering latex balloons, we recommend that they are delivered (or collected) on the day of your event, if possible, to ensure that they look their best for your celebrations.

Caring for your balloons

Your balloon’s favourite environment is:

  • to be indoors, at normal room temperature
  • away from intense heat, such as radiators
  • away from direct sunlight

Exposing your balloon to too much heat will cause it to pop. In the summer months, exposure to sunlight will give your latex balloon a cloudy appearance – the clear latex / confetti balloons and darker coloured latex balloons are most affected by the sun. Light and pastel solid colour balloons are a good choice for summer events, particularly when being used outdoors.